Middle ground

Leaning into warmth
Caught between night and the break
Of another solitary thought
Like a sun rising
Dawning on the conscious state
Whispered dreams
I revisit.
The middle ground
Sleep to wake
Darkness under the lids
Like shades drawn
I cannot remember
And I find this sad
Like a missing memory
Where I could not recall
Your name
Your face.
I know it is there
As I stand in a field
Surrounded by the scent
Of fresh dug earth
But I cannot leave this place
Cannot wander to find
Like a stone lost amidst the rubble
I call your name
And awaken to dark moving
Into the light
Of a midnight to dawn thought.

The joys of spring bring the pollen and I am finding when on my Claritin, I lose the clarity of my dreams. I will keep searching the memory bank, as I know it is in there between the dark and light waiting.