Middle ground

Leaning into warmth
Caught between night and the break
Of another solitary thought
Like a sun rising
Dawning on the conscious state
Whispered dreams
I revisit.
The middle ground
Sleep to wake
Darkness under the lids
Like shades drawn
I cannot remember
And I find this sad
Like a missing memory
Where I could not recall
Your name
Your face.
I know it is there
As I stand in a field
Surrounded by the scent
Of fresh dug earth
But I cannot leave this place
Cannot wander to find
Like a stone lost amidst the rubble
I call your name
And awaken to dark moving
Into the light
Of a midnight to dawn thought.

The joys of spring bring the pollen and I am finding when on my Claritin, I lose the clarity of my dreams. I will keep searching the memory bank, as I know it is in there between the dark and light waiting.


14 thoughts on “Middle ground

  1. Thanks Morgan, been hectic and the sinus thing doesn’t help much…in between…sometimes you have to,cross,over to see new perspectives😊 I appreciate your words so very much😊 peace and blessings. Kim


  2. This is Lovely my friend, even in its melancholy tone. I’ve been in that “in-between” place recently. When you re-emerge, you will find your creativity and Inspiration renewed 🙂 Until then, enjoy the silence 🙂
    ( Between the dark and light….very Dark Fey of you my Friend <3)

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  3. Thanks so much Kim..I love my vibrant dreams…gives me much fodder to explore and write about..and I am glad you enjoyed it. Have a beautiful day ☺️ peace and blessings. K

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  4. I have honey in the comb I wonder if that will work as well….just trying to cut back on my sugar…I feel healthy except for the allergies…I didn’t take it today…I hope I dream again tonight☺️ peace and blessings and thank you so very much for your idea. Will try☺️

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  5. It hasn’t dimmed your writing any – still beautiful!
    (A friend of mine started buying natural (unheated straight from the hive) local honey which he’d take a couple of teaspoons of a day. It helped so much that he was able to do without his hay fever tablets most of the time. Might be worth a try, his was really bad.)

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