Just try

Winds whispered to souls
that dared ask the questions,
answers known within
somehow lost over time,
swept away by ingrained fear
self unswayed by reason
of what was known,
or thought known but so very wrong.
Learned to stand
to never try to rise like birds,
like bees that flit like fairies
from nectar base to petals,
oh how we envied their mirth.
We tell ourselves these things,
that we were not meant to be that
we were not meant to do that
and we remained small,
Listen to the voices of skies
that blow gently over our souls,
that cool the warmth
that lift us
that move us from side to side,
as the voice you hear
comes from within,
it’s just been so long since
we’ve heard the song,
to raise us up
where we truly belong.
The sweet joy of remembering
the innocence of dreams as children
how we thought we could do it,
and how it fills our very core to know
that we still can.

Life force flows

To be the silence below
The sea of dreams and blue
That runs to horizons
Ending so far and unseen.
Movement on waves and grasses
So green of life force glistening
Sun reflects all
Slivers of undulating ribbons
Untied they flow.
Star of wonder sits
Waiting as life unfolds
Stillness and movement together
Born of this earth
Child of thought.
To see within the recesses
Whispers teeming with sound
Echoes of rivers and currents run
Into the abyss of a dream
Seen through the eyes
Of the universe.

Amazing photo found at: http://cmsdata.iucn.org/img/original/gabriel_grimsditch__iucn_sea_urchin_in_seagrass_nyali.jpg