Winged thoughts

Morning mist speaks to me of
A gentle hum.
Lightness and speed circling
Feathered memories.

Thoughts painted in colors
Moving so quickly
Invisible images hovering
At the edge of sight.

Flitting about searching
For a place to land
Splash of red to highlight
The way to nourish.

They become still then,
Resting gently
The nectar of knowledge filling
Giving life
To the hungered soul.

Lifted and moving once more
Joined by their like
Backdrop of blue
Like a whisper

After putting my hummingbird feeders out yesterday, delayed by a few weeks, within an hour first winged sweetness came to call. The joys of nature inspire.
Photo found on Internet.


15 thoughts on “Winged thoughts

  1. Thanks Malctg, I enjoy nature and yes there certainly is a lot of destruction in this world, we are just temporary beings here on he ball spinning….and alot of the time sad excuses for caretakers of what we have. Have a lovely day and enjoy your part of the earth today😊☀️


  2. Hi Infinitezip. So true nature is amazing yet its being destroyed. Your poem is so descriptive I could see and feel the humming bird. Lovely. Thank you for liking my poems Below The Ice! and Governments! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  3. thanks for the reply – and it really shows you how an image can compliment a writing piece so well – and I agree – internet searches are great – thanks for the reply and good day to you xxoo

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  4. Thank you Prior, I thought the same thing about the photo but cameras these days are just so amazing and I only wish I could take credit for that shot. Alas, the joy of Internet searches. My h bird is just a little guy and still shy. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I am Glad you enjoyed. Peace and blessings☺️ K

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  6. I am so happy to see you my friend, and all better now….hope it shows on the reblog which I will look at shortly. As always, your ideas fit and I thank,you for the feather light guidance….have an amazing day Grae, peace and blessings and flitting thoughts of lightness. K

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  7. Very difficult to find any fault with this – however, I may suggest ‘their like’ instead of ‘the like’ because if I had written this not only would I be very happy with it, I would have put ‘their’.

    The loveliness of the ‘invisible images hovering’ and the pictures accompanying, make this a delight. Thank you. G:)

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