Into the distance
Journey limited
Only by the fear
That holds the soul still.
Lines run parallel
Like lives and minutes
Movement halted
If insecurity derails.
The quest of the now
Not tomorrow nor past
Fills the calm breeze that blows
Into the sails of dreams.
And the pioneer learns
To guide course by the stars
And by the heart that has tread
These steps a thousand times before.
A new map is drawn
Destination unknown
But getting there will happen
If the mind stays secure.
Go follow that light
Through the dark days and nights
That leave you feeling lost and alone
It shall always lead you home.

Thoughts on finding out an acquaintance passed away and once more realizing the need to follow what you feel to be the right path on your journey, letting nothing stand in your way.
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In that moment,
That very second of letting go
And turning to silence the pattern
Of history and fear
The pervaded the heart
The mind
The movement of energy
Like a wave coursing through,
In that moment
The release of invisible hands
Pushing forward
To move higher.
To breathe in and out
And calming the seat
Of emotion,
Letting loose the thought to the sky
Below the stars
Becoming dust
Falling down invisible
Broken sadness dissipated,
And higher yet to climb
With every bit and piece shed,
Leaning back into the feeling
Of flying free
Of being one
Of discovering the real
In me.

Thoughts on letting go, relaxing and just letting life play out its miraculous journey.
To feel the inner peace is a wonder to behold and I am charged with energy and rushing forward, alive in spirit.