Between the whisper

I felt you come to me
Like a whisper of energy
Through layers of cloud
The motion slipping
Between a thought
And a distant memory.
I heard your voice call
So quiet yet strong
Beneath a spring moon
The beauty of light
Drowning out
The insignificant stars.
I reached out to you
Through the darkness
Like roots underground
Invisible and alive
Becoming one with the dream
Between the whisper of this moment
Wrapped in mystery
And the wonder of all
That is to come.
I live in you
Just a fragment of the whole
Born of dust
And as fleeting as the clouds
That dissipate unnoticed
Yet forming into shapes
Of the endless imagination.

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9 thoughts on “Between the whisper

  1. Nice board collection, I am on Pinterest but I don’t dabble,too much on it. As I see things I pin it, but not a lot so far for exploring other boards. I may have to check it out☺️ I shall find a pic this week, hubs heading to florida so I will have some free time. Looking forward to it my friend☺️


  2. Actually most of these came from my Pinterest board, Nighttide 😉 Im so glad you are finding Inspiration again 🙂 WHEN you are ready, pop me an email and we’ll ascend the celestial stairway to Tranquility 🙂 (wow where did that come from??!!?? LOL )

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  3. Thanks Kat, been so,busy learning to be calm and still the inner voice, it lets the good filter through and I Have been feeling so happy and at peaceful lately. A long holiday weekend to enjoy and to play catch up. Have an amazing day dear friend💜☀️

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  4. Been reading a book that a friend recommended and it is inspiring me to an inner peace. Haven’t forgotten about the compilation….long weekend coming up and so excited😊 loved your Wednesday photos, incredible as always my friend. You must spend hours pouring over them to find the most perfect pieces😃


  5. Thank you so much Russ. Been writing a little less, so busy with buying the new house, getting this one ready to sell and the downsizing of years of accumulated things. An exciting future and a life of writing near the beach is filling me with bliss😊 hope things are going well with you. Can you email me the link to your blog at some point? Much easier than sifting through, or I’m just too lazy haha….😊


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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