Drifting sea on dreams

Moving forward floating,
Thoughts of images spent
Aimlessly drifting like
A boat at sea
Silence of nothingness
Rocking to the rhythm
Of a heart alive.
Dreams of yesterday rise
From below the depths
Sea spray-like tears
Cascading down the sides
Running freely into
The ocean that surrounds
Like a child in arms
wrapped up and safe
Sleeping peace like time
That ushers in rebirth
And regenerated spheres
Of my inner fantasy.
I move back and forth
Before the setting sun
Strangely unaware of my existence
Except the white room of calm
That sits waiting for fulfillment
Of a new day that will rise
And I once more
Will raise and set sail
Into my mind’s eye
Another perfect morning
Spent skimming dreams.


5 thoughts on “Drifting sea on dreams

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  2. Thanks G, I am chuckling and I think I’ve figured it out. It’s funny but the way I write is just to open the noggin and let the words spill out, sometimes something doesn’t sit right and I change it, and check,the spelling on which the iPad has no sense of that art….I rarely read the content and something I wrote this morning I have no recollection of. I chuckle when you comment as this is when I do go back and re read what was written. I shall do that now and see from your view, most times I find you correct….as I tell my husband, yes dear, you’re right, you’re always right😃 and same goes with you my friend. I shall hop to it😊 peace and blessings, Kim

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  3. I would have written ‘Sea-spray tears’

    We are different. We all see things with a variation. There are a couple of places where You could tighten this structurally or grammatically (such as using ‘like’ a lot, or ‘rise/rise/raise’) but after reading it three times, I think you almost have it. Thank you – G:)

    Just a few thoughts on your words – feel free to ignore them or consider and disregard – G:)

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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