Serenity of sun

Darkest nights empty
Dreamless as a song plays within
Of yesterday aware
Of sleepless surrender.
Lucid midnight filled
The forest alive
I feel the awareness
Like nerves taut and trembling,
Movement of branches mark passing
And I breathe in and out
In the thick moist cool air,
As the fox screams in repetition
The hounds restless
And the moon just hangs
Silently watching.
With morning there comes
The serenity of sun
As a fawn emerges in peace
From glades of green
Breathless the mind captures
Fragile special memory
To light the day beyond
With a grateful heart.

A dreamless night as I slept yet knew I was not quite in a deep sleep, the shriek of a fox perhaps? setting the dogs to scramble as I just lay there listening to the earth spin her life force round and on cool cotton pillow I closed my eyes as a distant song from childhood played on in my mind like a radio in a window.