Water colored skies

Through her tears
Falling trough the summer sun
She paints rainbows
Like water colored skies
Upon the palette of blue
Dappled with clouds
That cover her memories.
She searches her world
The ocean depths of cerulean blues
As the waves of loss
Drown her within.
Wind blown sand stings
Embedded on canvas
Becoming one with itself
Shell fragments like knives
Cutting in to her heart of thoughts
And the blood pumps faster
Falling like crystals at her feet
Dressed in a prism
Of colors that made her
Empty to whole
As the treasure at the end
Was always found within,
She will grab a new sheet
And start yet again.

Wings of a peace…moments in nature

A winged shark-like movement
As dusk falls and light dims
Back and forth frenzy
The hum of you fills the air
As I bear silent witness
At your dining pleasure.
Dragonfly gathers
As mandibles chew
One less
Two less
Mosquito feast of abundance,
And I watch your long wings
And your quick easy movement
Slightly skimming water
With no ripples seen
To mark your presence
And I the giant
Of your spacious world
You hang nearby and I watch
And breathe in this peace.
Night falls and black winged bats
Flapping and seen against twilight sky
I wonder if the dragonfly fears
The mightier wings
Or do they move off to sleep
Awakening at dawn
To return to a quiet breakfast
By the suns early light
Living their predator life
As the day moves forward
And the cool breeze ushers
This gentle morning mist-like rain,
I leave this sanctuary calm
Knowing I shall return
With the high of sun
I will sit a spell and watch
The return of you.