Wings of a peace…moments in nature

A winged shark-like movement
As dusk falls and light dims
Back and forth frenzy
The hum of you fills the air
As I bear silent witness
At your dining pleasure.
Dragonfly gathers
As mandibles chew
One less
Two less
Mosquito feast of abundance,
And I watch your long wings
And your quick easy movement
Slightly skimming water
With no ripples seen
To mark your presence
And I the giant
Of your spacious world
You hang nearby and I watch
And breathe in this peace.
Night falls and black winged bats
Flapping and seen against twilight sky
I wonder if the dragonfly fears
The mightier wings
Or do they move off to sleep
Awakening at dawn
To return to a quiet breakfast
By the suns early light
Living their predator life
As the day moves forward
And the cool breeze ushers
This gentle morning mist-like rain,
I leave this sanctuary calm
Knowing I shall return
With the high of sun
I will sit a spell and watch
The return of you.


2 thoughts on “Wings of a peace…moments in nature

  1. That is so awesome…I was a bit afraid, had to google if they bit or not….I was out with them again this evening till the storm blew in…no bites😁 I am glad you enjoyed it my friend. I shall remember their new true name☺️

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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