Morning heart

The light of day falls upon
The thoughts of morning
Words spoken
Bouquet of hearts
A gift of truth.
Pondering the mirror image
Reflected in the darkness
Change of mind to begin
As the dreams left spent
The tired soul.
Far away the wise sage speaks
Across miles the message held
Within the rising I
As ego left behind leaves a quiet
A place where hearts bloom
Nestled in to the space
Where beauty thrives.
Hidden behind the mass
The tiny sprout planted
Growing sheltered
Giving love
Gathering of shape
The heart knows and sees

19 thoughts on “Morning heart

  1. Hello my friend, you are always most welcome….I still have reading to,catch up on so if you popped one out yesterday late/this am….look forward to my lunch hour reads😊 peace and blessings, Kim


  2. They are the daintiest little things….growing in a tree crack out of,the harm of the voracious mower…each year they get a wee bit bigger. I shall miss them in Florida🌴 thanks Russ😊


  3. The joy of Friday, a few tiny drops but should pass, bonfire ready to go and lovie home around 7. Been a quiet week, it will be nice to have him home😃


  4. It will be good when I get out in two.five hrs….but who is counting? Me….yep😎 have an amazing weekend….no critique? Hmmmm…I was a bit worried when I saw your name😊 just kidding😊

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  5. Thank Sue, glad you enjoyed. I have a friend who collects hearts, the wise sage….they made me think of her this morning. Green growth everywhere.😊 peace and blessings to you too. Kim

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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