To be….

Alive through ages
I’ve stood the tests of time
As hurricane winds blew
Roots planted and grasping
The core of earth.
Smooth skin surrounds me,
I feel your heart beat
As you wrap your arms around
And laugh as you couldn’t quite touch
Your hand to hand.
I shelter you from the harshest sun
My adornments in shades of seasons,
The gentle spring the best
Yet amazing in the autumn sun,
So very strong I would stand
As you lean your back against me
Maybe you dream perhaps?
Or you watch the stars twinkle at night
And I reach so high above
And pluck you the moon
If I could of course
But I cannot.
But I can send you a sign
I can show you the power
The magic of might,
If you only notice
For what it is,
My message of strength
For you to feel within yourself.
I am so ancient my child
I have stood my ground for a thousand years
To give the air you breathe,
To offer you a piece of myself
For your warming fire,
I would give You myself
Planks for a boat to carry you,
Yet to watch you sail away
Beyond the far horizon
Would be to miss a friend
And I’ve seen many In my life
As I’ve stood here by the bay
Knowing all that comes
Must finally go,
Myself to fall someday
Perhaps to be washed away
Floating as long as I could
Before falling unnoticed below,
But today I will sit here with you
Enjoying the silence
And I will sing to you my melody
Of rustling leaves,
To be
A simple tree.

Inspiration by Ka….a fun blog post of coming together to create art.

If you were a tree, what would life feel like?
Life would be filled with gentle ocean breezes, people of every walk of life below me giving me hugs and the sights and sounds of centuries gone by would be a wonder.

What kind of tree would you be, if you got to be a tree just now? My answer is a majestic oak that lived for hundreds of years down south.

If you could choose to make artwork to honor a tree, what format/media/style would it be in?
If I had to make artwork of a tree I would gather bark and pine cones to become leaves and dried grasses that surround the trunk to blow in the breeze.

Stop on by her post and add your thoughts and inspiration to her quest:

I love trees and they do send signs for us…natures messages. We had a strong rain blow through a few days ago and when it passed I went outside to find this:


Such a magical and amazing act of nature. Inspiration for strength.

41 thoughts on “To be….

  1. thanks Kim…’re a blessing to me. wishing you all life’s best for you .I do the same and finally found the answers and meaning of my life resolving issue and everything. But my writing that will be very hard to resolve I need to read and study more.

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  2. Yes, my grammar is horrid at best. I find working on my inner self helps to go a long way to helping family issues. Been doing a lot of reading lately and making strides….it’s keeping me happier,which is a great thing😊 peace and blessings my friend, Kim

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  3. wow! you’re great maybe I could never get published I have loads to work on with my grammar and everything but writing is fun and I learn a great deal that is more than enough: solving my personal and family issues.

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  4. I was published last year for the first time. I am still riding the wave of joy. Six months after starting the blog with what I thought wasn’t very good writing. My grammar is atrocious but I’ve learned to have more faith in putting myself out there. What was the worst that could happen I say😊 peace and blessings, Kim 💜

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  5. Ah, sad teen angst…old married lady now chasing butterflies and sunshine….the old stuff would be a huge file on what not to do when young😊..not publishing worthy unless I became rich and famous with the current stuff….smiling😊

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  6. wELL THAT’S A GOOD ONE . iT’S FUN TO VISIT THE MEMORIES OF THE PAST SORTING IT AND PUBLISH THEM AND GIVE ME A COPY HAHAHA . Memorabillias from the past I love it . That will be a good investments . I imagine it will make you great you’ll be the first poet who’ll make a name in that category .

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  7. I have two big crates of poetry….I am still in contemplation mode of what to do with it…I wanted to have a big fire….it’s mostly crap I wrote when I was a kid….irrelevant writing as far as I’m concerned. I was in a darker not so good place…now I want light and happy filled peace…..what do you recommend?

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  9. Thanks you so very much Michael. I’ve always loved trees, I have friends who still climb them…although I am not as limber anymore but I shall be again and I will lay on a large lofty branch and while away the day feeling young again. I am so glad you enjoyed it and I thank you for such a great compliment. I do believe you’ve started my day in a most awesome way😊 peace and blessings. Kim (IZ)💜

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  10. A great poem, IZ. I love the image of the tree feeling the people around it. Many of your images are dear to my heart and I think would have spilled out of me in a tree poem. The tree giving of itself to make boats, too, the connection of it all, the starlight captured by wood, released on a cold night to heat those crazy people. Trees are incredible…


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  11. I dreamt of painting last night, a field with people with their backs to the artist…like a game was being played and they were watching, it was in a style like Matisse and quite lovely…it had clouds of pastel colors at their feet that hid something…I was taking the painting home to do my own version (I don’t paint)….but I knew I was going to be able to….very cool dream….so I guess dreaming of beautiful artwork….my dream was inspiring me to be creative….on a writing roll lately…I am so glad for you my friend. What class are you in?

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  12. Whooo-hooo 🙂 I am right with you, sister! ❤
    Also, I want to bring the participation to the workshop with me. xo

    Class is going well…. I needed your help. I felt your love. I know I am not alone. You and the others who responded, really made me feel like doing the work is worth it. ❤ and FUN.

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  13. No, thank you my friend for the inspiration…when we all work together, that’s when the magic really happens. Feeling the energy and that in itself is an amazing gift.⚡️

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  14. There are prayers in the leaves. They are unwritten yet (I have post it notes on it), because the event I am attending this upcoming weekend is all part of it… The inspiration is spilling in, and I feel so much gratitude. ❤ THank you so much for checking in 🙂 Keep calm and paint on…. I will take that with me to class today… 🙂 xoxo Ka

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  15. Dear Kim,
    I have so much gratitude that you truly understood my re-quest… ❤
    Also, you are my house buddy! Thank you for dedicating such a beautiful post to this amazing, wow-moment of a tree 🙂 _/1_ I’ve read it at least three times.
    xo Ka

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  16. Awesome, I have a good sized one right outside my front door, they give such bright red berries to cheer on a cold white winters day🌳 nature rocks my Manchester friend, and thank you for the cool comment😊


  17. Thank you, Ka posed the questions and I don’t normally do the question /answer thing but I kept thinking of South Carolina and the 600? Year old oak tree filled with Spanish moss and thinking if I were a tree, that’s the kind I’d be🌳 it was a fun Write. Glad you enjoyed. K

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