A dream of wildflowers

Places spent within
The realm of a full moon dream
Dancing spirits of wildflowers
Spinning in the colors
Of a child’s mind.
I have been here
Once not so very long ago
Awakened to the sweet silence.
Spring mornings sun finds me
Pondering thoughts that slip away
In the steam of the waters beyond
Wispy clouds dissipate
As I come to the place
Of focus.
Sweet blossom quivers
Breezes gently blow
Swirling ghostly coolness,
I stretch my arms to the sky
As the languid muscles bestow
Invisible energy to the sister moon
A dance of grace
As blessings move through
Like the flowers surrounding me
Swaying to the melody
Of another day.

Photo found on Pinterest


10 thoughts on “A dream of wildflowers

  1. Thanks Kim, I never get discouraged by attention to my blog as I realize everyone has their own life to contend with, I began awhile ago just letting it be what it is…writing when I have something to express. It is always a gift when I get a comment, etc,…but I think of you often and Pee of course never ceases to brighten my days with a smile on pet day😊 healing takes time my friend and I’ve read an amazing book that has enabled me to let go of a lot of thoughts and behaviors I have in my life. I feel like a student of life again getting back to the basics of simplicity and being. Peace and blessings to you and give Pee a big hug for me too😊


  2. thank you – I am very sorry for being so distant on here – writing, reading, commenting, responding. I have been a terrible blogger. i get stuck in ruts and this one, mixed with other factors has taken me hard. i am trying to get on here more regularly again – reading your work, especially, lifts the spirits and inspiration.

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  3. They are such colorful little dainty things. I love driving by the fields of colors…and in dreams too, just as beautiful 🌸 have a great day Kat😊


  4. Too early for beer although I had one last night with my filet mignon….blue moon with a nice juicy slice of orange…..yum….have an awesome day my friend and have one for me😊☀️🌸

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  5. i can visualize mother nature in all her glory in the middle of a field, swaying…and drinking a beer, have a fine day, wonderful words, alive and breathing

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