You are here

I find you as I move
Through moments and space
You are here with me
Like the wind through the mountain pass
Unexpectedly coursing through
Setting me off course
A reminder to awareness
To take care.
You are the gentleness
The tender stem and colors of wildflowers
Dancing on a breeze
Calling me to dance
To be carefree.
I see you there basking silently,
Surrounding me in the glory of
A pale golden glow,
The warmth of spring sun on high.
You are here in my soul
The quiet voice of peace
Leading me to set my feet upon
The greenest of grass
To feel the earth move
And to be a part of your world.
I sense you in daydreams
Playfully guiding me
With the thoughts of joy
In the spirit of now
And I call to you as I run
Laughing like a child
You take my hand and fill it
With grains of sand on wind-swept shores
Water moving in and out
And visions of a sunset
That so inspire.
You are here
And I sit with you
And know that it is all good
And beautiful.


11 thoughts on “You are here

  1. It has more of a flow to it, but does it need the ‘and all’ ? I try pruning my words (I do, every now and then) and sometimes less is more. The thought being that if it doesn’t add to the whole it ‘may’ not be necessary. Just my thoughts if you can use them. G:)


  2. I agree, I had played with that section several and let it ride due to time….will revisit and tweak. Thank you my friend as always. Finally Saturday and looking forward to some sun today, I shall be basking sporadically…peace and blessings, Kim 😊

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  3. ‘I see you there basking below
    In all around me the glory of
    A spring sun on high.’

    I felt that a little work here may help to clarify this sentence. Without punctuation many interpretations can be garnered from your words.
    The work here is ‘on my part’ to think through the possibilities and arrive at my happy reading of your lovely words.

    If that makes sense, take it as a positive compliment; if not, I shall just read them again. Thank you – G:)

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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