Longing for light

I long to taste the warmth
The summer sun upon my tongue
Like a salty ocean breeze
Filled with life.
I while away the moments
Feel the burn of ice
Melting my thoughts
Into pools of sweetness
Bits of textures
Fill my soul.
Cool green like grasses
Blowing in breezes fueled
Winds of change bring back around
Warm to cool
Into stillness.
Far and away you move
The sun coming up
Then slowly fading back down
Replaced by ice white moonbeams
And I sit here with a taste
Refreshed and waiting
For sultry nights to claim
My senses in dreams
And thoughts of a delight
Shared by two.
A cool spring day finds me in the mood for a small taste of Mediterranean mint gelato, as it almost burns my tongue with its icy coldness, I long to sit beneath a warmer sun than this cool cousin blanketed in clouds. Oh, the gelato was amazing by the way.