Sad dogs lament

Chipmunks laughing aloud
Pursuit would end so quick
If dogs could climb trees.
Trying to jump
To reach,
Too late….
Panting of breath heard
Twittering sounds high above
Up and down the brown orb moves
Stealthy little vermin
Back into the wood
As dogs go round and round
Pop goes the chipmunk
Like the childhood song
Sad eyed and beaten
Returning to home
A bone the lesser reward
For the victory denied,
The thrill of a catch
Weighs heavy on mind.
Later to try again the skill
Perhaps to outwit,
To win
In the battle of beast against beast
May the quickest of nitwits reign
Queen supreme
Of the woodpile hunt.

Thoughts after watching two hapless hounds try to climb the maple and get outwitted by the furry vermin for fifteen solid minutes….I think they’re quite tired now…till later of course as the hunt will begin….after a snack of course.

Simple day

How can it be so simple
A day of quiet surrender filled
With sun that shines as misty rain falls
Filling the mind with images
Of imaginary rainbows
That haven’t been born.
How can it be so easy
To fill the soul with peace
Through truth and acceptance
That breaks like beams of stars
Through shadows of fear.
How can it be so magical
The memories that used to tear apart
Like a snap of the fingers
Now tiny firefly specks flickering
Filling with quiet joy.
How can it be so?
I relax and close my eyes
Leaving all of the sadness behind
And embrace the love I find within
To believe like a child
In faith and truth
Secure in this shell now housing
Abundance and bliss
Happy and living
In the simple now.

Thoughts on the magic of this world. Yesterday watching this warm amazing sun shine as a misty rain fell so fast at the same time. Filled with peace.