Treasure found

I asked of the seas
What treasures do you have for me?
The waves moved in
Then sucked back out again
And the sand was bare
With just a bit of seaweed there.
I asked of the skies
What show will you have for tired eyes to see?
While the sparkling lights laughed gently
Then hid behind clouds
And sister moon clung behind trees
The rain fell suddenly
That eyes held only empty tears for me.
I asked to the universe
Can I have my truest desires, is there anything in
The box of tricks left for me?
I was given a friend,
I was given peace,
I was given words of wisdom,
I was given love,
I was given everything.
I gave all I had in return,
Gratitude and love.
I realized I had all I needed
And all that I wanted.
I had only needed to shine that light within,
Open the treasure chest
And share all that I had
And the box became full
And I emptied it out again
But it keeps turning up full
So if you need a treasure
I’ve got many to spare,
Given with love and a soul that cares.

Feeling gratitude for the simple things today. Life is a treasure that we all can share.


Rain falls beyond my view
Coating the earth with a foggy haze,
Thick and heavy hanging
As my mind slips back in time
To shut in days of seasons
School breaks and grey skies
Bound within the walls
Without a friend.
Lunch time bread
And the scent of a fresh cracked open jar
Peanut butter thick
Oil running down
Stirring to blend
Like these thoughts that cover
A tired mind.
Simple acts to while away
Time spent waiting for clearing skies
And school a long past memory
When all grown up and speeding through
To get to work and punch the clock
With brown bagged lunch
And peanut butter days
That still can make me smile
Remembering the scent
Like a child eager
For what the day shall bring.