Rain falls beyond my view
Coating the earth with a foggy haze,
Thick and heavy hanging
As my mind slips back in time
To shut in days of seasons
School breaks and grey skies
Bound within the walls
Without a friend.
Lunch time bread
And the scent of a fresh cracked open jar
Peanut butter thick
Oil running down
Stirring to blend
Like these thoughts that cover
A tired mind.
Simple acts to while away
Time spent waiting for clearing skies
And school a long past memory
When all grown up and speeding through
To get to work and punch the clock
With brown bagged lunch
And peanut butter days
That still can make me smile
Remembering the scent
Like a child eager
For what the day shall bring.


9 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. It was out yesterday. A nice balmy humid spring? Day. There has been a lot of rain but am enjoying any bit of each day I can. Hope you are doing well and heading to the sea at some point? Peace and blessings, Kim 💜

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  2. Thank you…for the longest time I stopped, then I put it out there and I have made very many special friends through it so I am blessed indeed. You are kind and my soul is singing. Peace and blessings to you, Kim.💜

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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