Energy of love

As days move forward like smooth waves

I just want to give a shout out to my followers who I adore and to thank you for giving me such energy, motivation and love through your posts and words.

Peace and blessings and have an amazing day filled with love and flowing vibes of goodness. 💜 


I have painted your life
Each and every story
That will never be
Upon each star above
So vibrant and passing
Like the essence of you.
I have held the body
Cupped in hands feeling
The soul as you moved
From warm to cool
Flicker and fading
The shooting star
Gone away.
Cherished unknown
Yet a perfect being
Undeserving of this fate
I can only do this,
One small gesture
To send you forward with love
As your eyes close
And all becomes still
A star is born
Somewhere so far away
And I stand below watching
So sorry in this moment
As life moves as it does
In and out.

Thoughts on the demise of a poor small bird killed by the cat last night. Too late to save as nature takes her course, holding it in my hands as the life slipped away. A tribute of sorts of facts of this life and we so temporary.