Energy of love

As days move forward like smooth waves

I just want to give a shout out to my followers who I adore and to thank you for giving me such energy, motivation and love through your posts and words.

Peace and blessings and have an amazing day filled with love and flowing vibes of goodness. 💜 

16 thoughts on “Energy of love

  1. You had me at ponderosa pine🌲out in Arizona on a bike trek, the smell and sight of them gave me goose bumps….a day I cherish, and your nature shots are gorgeous. I love woods, ocean and all in between. Your blog is stunning😊 how could I not follow? Peace and blessings. K


  2. Hey, I like your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and liking a couple posts. Much appreciated!

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  3. I guess you can add gelato to mine then😊 thought it was a southern collard green,cornbread yummy kind of thing….sometimes words are good soul food too😊


  4. wow, you have a very magnificent and wonderful world before you. I’m glad to be part of it. Your pups and cats with the bounty of nature that enrich and nourishes your daily life. You’re so lucky. I thank God, to be part of your peaceful and wonderful world. You’re an inspiration. Thanks Kim….more love and blessings be on your way as always.

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  5. Every day. Was just out with the pups in the damp mist walking through the yard and the birds waking and sounding like a chorus, the scent of the air and the cat sitting on my shoulder like a parrot purring and smelling of damp rich earth. I love a day that starts out like that so yes, it’s going to be a beauty and I thank you for joining me in it😊🐾Kim

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  6. That is such an awesome thing to say…as I love soul food too much…going lighter these days but with words I can lay on a bit more….thanks my friend..hope all is well across the pond😊Kim💜


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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