Drive around/lunch hour state of mind

Going nowhere
Lunch time moves
Food in and down and round
Like cars on freeways
Spinning towards the destination
And I laugh as I sit
In my little car
And a few four doors down
The music fills the air
Gary Numan “cars”
And into my mind it goes
This song from rest stop years passed
As I travel through my day
Spinning wheels
Going nowhere
And the song keeps playing
And I dream a moment away
Of silly yesterday
And hanging at the beach
As feet hung out windows
Covered in sand
And the bell rings like a horn
Driving my mind back round
To here and now
And the stop sign ahead
The dreaded wall
Where speed bump slows
Leaving no wind in hair
As time to move forward
Into the traffic of the day
Beep beep
Get outta my way.

Silly thoughts while on my lunch, sitting in the car listening to the song cars and realizing in life we wiz around and back again through our days…maybe it’s time to get the motorcycle out, sun is shining but don’t feel like eating the morning bugs….sigh….and G, I purposely used no punctuation…in case you were gonna ask😆 she says with a big old smile.

14 thoughts on “Drive around/lunch hour state of mind

  1. Ah, but still happening today without bumpy rides….but sugar is so sweet…still loving the purple rose, makes me smile each time I see it😊🌹 sorry, could only find red in tribute to your amazing pic🌺💐 thanks Elouise ☺️

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  2. Too much sugar after a long hiatus…but the cannoli was excellent😊 groovy colored sprinkles on it too…mmmm…should have skipped,the cannoli and went for an actual drive, not,a virtual one😎 thanks Elouise. Have a groovy day too. K

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