As darkness moves (along the bay)

Eyes deep
Like the ocean or the lapping bay
At parks edge fountains flow,
The liquid rides the concrete shores
Of this mapped city of history.
Life it seems,
It repeats like
Skipping records scratched
The errant youth caught up
In words spoken
Too often heeded
Yet so far away
From the love that’s needed.
What brought you here
Within these walls
To turn the tide of others lives,
Like a hurricane
That rips apart
The beauty of life,
Leaving destruction and loss
That moment that builds the slabs
Of granite for tomorrow.
Who turned your head
The thoughts of inside out and back again
To something so wrong
And I wished you could have known
To have had the feather touch of
The words of universal love,
To guide you home
When you lost your way
On this yet, another dark day
Moving in the place
Of history prayed not to be forgotten amongst
So many like you before,
As eyes awash with emptiness
That alas,
No longer see.

Thoughts on a place I spent many a day, Charleston S.C, walking by that church, such a beautiful city filled with so many walks of life….tragic…in my prayers and thoughts and inspired by another great piece of poetry found at: