Simple bounty

Sun rises sleepily
The trees dusted in mist,
Glistening grass leaves shoes damp
Plucking the sweetness
This bounty of life.
Birds fill the ears
Cacophony of sound drowning out
The breeze that blows
Dancing berries
Touching tongue
Leaving a smile
In their wake.
The hounds nestle in
Watching the small striped snake
The brown and white string coiled back
Awaiting attack
And saved to slip away
Sliding along the crack in the sidewalk
Off to another place
This moment captured in my mind
This place of home,
And tomorrow soon new horizons await
Where an ocean calls to sun
We will leave behind
The wild fruit
For others to find
And may they be happily surprised
And feel the same
As I do this moment
This perfect day.

Being petrified of snakes I am learning to overcome my fears of encountering them and letting them do their thing…just don’t eat all my berries you little slithery things.