Let go

Pieces and bits of a memory

Dusty boxes emptied of treasures

Gathered along the way in this life

A journey of this and that

For sale.

Tables filled with things,

Just some of a life held

Letting go to a new home

Stickered with thought

What worth?

Childhood toys and a book or a hundred

Shared now with the cars

If I build it they will come

Sign says today

Come receive.

Emptied lofts of all but a few

Hanging cobwebs disturbed

As light peers through cracks

Un encumbered by things

That are set free

To move about

Somewhere else

Just not here


Thoughts as I unbox years of “things” to downsize before moving. Freedom and letting go feels kind of good in a bittersweet way.


10 thoughts on “Let go

  1. Thank you. Still lots of work before that happens. The Lego bit got me chuckling….yep, too many pieces that won’t fit in the new home. Time to dismantle the castle😊 have an awesome day my friend, Kim

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  2. Thanks so much…purging the house of belongings that I’ve held onto too long. Paging thoughts and life practices too for the better and some pounds too while I’m at it😃 so glad you enjoyed. K💜


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