Electric sky dance

Ms nature is laughing
Queen of the party
Strobe lights flashing
Like the glint of eyes
From a mad man.
Thunderous applause fills
Rooms of darkness
Three a.m and the skies are alive
Flashing strobes blinding
This dance of wee morning hours
And we are invited to the show
Unexpectedly as the wind blows
Like the screech of the banshee
Whipping shades
Slashing rain
And little dog moves closer
Seemingly afraid
Of the electric sky boogie.
Leisurely I lay watching
As the life of white smothers the atmosphere
Flashing never-ending
And the dance of rising
Cannot be set aside
And I move through halls
Hands touching walls
Eyes adjust to the inner darkness
Of places untouched
By the party at hand
As coffee scents the air
I stand out under the porch
And watch the morning concert.

Thoughts on waking during a non-stop lightning and thunder-storm. What a beautiful spectacle at the middle of night point when I should have been sleeping, instead I stand out to bear witness to this spectacular light show.


18 thoughts on “Electric sky dance

  1. Yes and it is a fun vision. Although I don’t like to stand in the yard during the Lightning, too many 70 foot trees around that could easily take me out as branches plummet down…I love a good disco😊 peace and blessings, Kim


  2. Smudge is our cat! A rescued cat (6 months old) who had been left in a state park–abandoned. When he arrived about two years ago now, he was terrified of every sound he heard. He’s much better now, but still coming meowing for a little cuddle if it gets too strange for him. He’s an American domestic–all white with pink ears and nose, and a little charcoal smudge on his forehead between his ears.

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  3. What an adorable name. What kind of pet? Dog? Variety of? Some can get quite crazy over loud noises. My brothers dog ate the windowsill and even jumped out a second story window over gunshot or,lightning…..never good. All we can do is hold them close and reassure😊💜

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  4. Yes to the feel of the air…and the smell of new rain. Poor puppy. We’re supposed to get torrential rain in the next several hours–with all the trimmings! Hoping it doesn’t freak out sweet Smudge 🙂

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  5. We haven’t had one in I don’t remember how long, and it was so intense. Fodder for a morning write is a wonderful thing💦😊⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️so,glad,you enjoyed 😊 Kim


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