Dream ceilings

Oh sweet skies above
Dappled with clouds moving
Running like a painted pony
Across the blue.
Hues of dreams held in memory
Hovering like the ceiling
Cosmic stars like stickers
Glowing above a child’s head
Lulled to sleep with visions
Of new worlds.
Swirling like a storm
Rushing here and there
No balance in these thoughts
Of semi-sleepless night
Filled with illusions of hodge-podge dreams
As the restless mind travels
Like a wanderer with no home.
Third eye temporarily blinded
As the inmate runs amok
Creating chaos under skies
Trapped for the moment
Below a universe gone mad.

After suffering an injury last night to my forehead, found myself in a sleep filled with non stop dream thoughts that left my mind feeling quite chaotic. On a beautiful cool night for sleep, I wake to slightly throbbing head and confusion to wonder what the heck those dreams meant. I am usually quite clear in my sleeping thoughts but this was pure chaos….hope tonight fares a bit better.