What lies below

Flowers adorn this old well
Worn by age and circumstance
Weathered and forgotten
I watch your simplicity
As I wash these dishes,
Beyond the window my nature display
And I know below
The hard fading paint
The gifts you bring forth
With a simple push and pull
The workings plumb the depths
Of the cavernous world
Where water lays.
Yet here I rely on the easy
A pretty handle to bring forth
Making colored bubbles from soap
As the sunlight pours in
And I go about my task
Lost in reveries
Of all that lies below
From thoughts to dreams
Wishes and needs
As the water runs through my fingers
And the gentle flowers blow
In the quiet whisper of wind
And the old pump just waits
To be used once more.


11 thoughts on “What lies below

  1. Simple is best, except having a garage sale on a day with 100% chance of rain and they were right….cold and damp, hope today is better and more people come😊 and maybe I will even get some writing done today too😊 have a beautiful day my friend, Kim ☀️

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  2. Been such busy days….I hope to get something written today finally…running a garage sale yesterday in what felt like never ending rain….de-cluttering my life😊💦💦💦💦 thank you and Aloha, wish me luck today the rain hold off😊

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  3. ‘Simplicity’ is running through everything I’m reading today. Whether I’m only noticing it more because of having decided to simplify my own environment (mammoth task!) or whether there’s a more general move afoot to streamline, it feels like confirmation of a decision made.
    Such a lovely poem and picture speaks its truth.

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