Light thoughts

At night the fireflies come
Waking me from slumber
Cocooned in cotton
As I dreamt of snows that fall
Under the white orb in the distance
Leaving me in thoughts of how
With skies filled with little flakes
So light as they touch down
Can I still see the silver moon.
Flashes of Crystal
Tiny lights meld into a world
Filled with images
Of faerie and scattered speckles
Of a flashing light that calls
Come out to play.
I awoke to find the rain
Slipping down panes in rivers
And I knew I had a dream
As snow was not to be on sultry June nights
And I was happy to see the storm
Carry away my mind to new places
As I felt the warm winds blow from the south
Knowing summer was soon to arrive
Chasing the winter white away
Except for in
Places of dreams.


9 thoughts on “Light thoughts

  1. Hi InfiniteZip. To dream of a world of innocence and peace where there is light and no dark thoughts or actions! Evil a word that never existed! Thank you for liking my poem “The Only Sound! and By The Roadside!” Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  2. Thanks so very much, sorry it took so long to respond. My iPad app is acting like it is confused, had to go in the old way to retrieve and comment. I am glad you enjoyed. Peace and blessings my friend and have an amazing day😊

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  3. Lovely, though here inThe Frozen North, I don’t like to think of snow now just as the iris and peonies have finished and the cosmos and echinacea are getting ready to start. Still, lovely. Thank you.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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