Dense dreaming

Forests call
The stillness of green surrounds
These thoughts follow along
The path of broken thought.
Earthen dampness
A soft moss below my feet as I pass
Each tree the lived
So long before me.
A sullen bird chirps
As the wind rustles leaves above
And somewhere close the resounding crack
Trees falling in forests
Always heard by those within
The confines of magical places
And the crashing down
As branches break
Then silence fills the space
Where the thunder of the Gods play
And I continue along
Finding my peace
Like gathering feathers
That lay here and there
Forming a vision
Of flying.

14 thoughts on “Dense dreaming

  1. Forests are majestic and trees give homes to so much wildlife…..a wondrous place indeed…. It’s where things go crack, snap and PO and you wonder…hmmmm, lions and tigers and bears? Oh my. Thanks my friend, have a beautiful day😊


  2. Not as vicious lately as the sabre toothed cat😊 now there’s a bad cat…takes down a butterfly with one swipe….then leaves it to suffer….ah the life of beasts….glad to see you back…how’s the guitar ?


  3. Our humidity finally going down a wee bit….trees are refreshing little creatures…I hug them quite often too😊 glad you enjoyed it and stay cool up North😊


  4. What a beautiful picture! What a beautiful planet! The poem was captivating too! True enough trees live for a very long time: Some of them 3000 years or more… Now, if we could only teach them english! Great blog! The picture looks so refreshing… With the humidex, it felt like 40 degrees here today!

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  5. Doesn’t it seem quite gloomy though? I do so love a cool gloomy forest occasionally…with the wild creatures and soaring trees….the hounds keep me safe. K


  6. You too Kat, finally the weekend and tomorrow almost 90 and humid, I suppose it will be like getting used to Florida and what is to come in the future. I sit here at my desk surrounded by my sand jars and heart rocks and am enjoying the sound of birds beyond. Have a beautiful weekend dear friend, K

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