Breaking free

Three days gone
Silence of the day greets me
Set loose from the cord
Airwave break away.
I listened to the world around me,
Trees with lush leaves telling secrets
As the stars stood at attention
Unfolding moments absorbed
At one with all that is.
Oh how simple to let go,
To turn off
To ground myself in the reality
Of natures call,
Answering to the song sung
And the tiny things that move
Unhindered by the larger world,
Daily business set aside
To become.
Sweet sunset greets my eyes
And I smile in salute
With a grand hello for this new day
And a sincere hello to those I’ve missed
When coming home after what seemed so long,
Three days gone
And I am refreshed
Renewed by the beauty
Surrounding me.
My cup is full and overflowing
As grasses blow in a cool damp breeze,
The sun so colorful
A happy color to remind me
Not to forget to stop and gaze on her beauty
And that of all the gentle blissful images
That hold me aloft
In this world.

I took a challenge from a book I have been reading to go “off the grid” for three days. I did not even open my iPad (no FB, no blogging, nothing), just simple paperback reading between moments, and I was amazed to find 264 emails waiting…oh my, such enjoyment to be outside in the woods, connecting with the peace and quiet. Day number four finds me back and energized. Hello my friends, I’ve missed you. K

20 thoughts on “Breaking free

  1. Thanks Russ, stopped by your place this am…you are a busy dude😊 how pricy is it to publish a book? Ultimately want to do,a full poetry one for myself but have never looked into the costs…


  2. Oh yes. You’re so right about missing the interaction and “variety of souls” (love it!) we meet. That’s one of the things that keeps me going–as a blogger. It isn’t nearly as lonely as writing into a faceless void.Thanks for your kind words and your presence.

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  3. Of course you had better come back as you would be sorely missed. I think the saddest part when someone leaves their blog behind is the interaction and variety of souls you meet, as they become daily reading like the news or a letter in the mail, the void of the absence leaves an ache. I would miss you as would others😊 but the break is soothing to step away and let go for awhile….ah…peace. 💜K

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  4. Oh how beautiful and peaceful! I am inspired and soon take a break to just ‘let go’ and release all the stuff from my mind!

    Kind regards and good wishes 🙂

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