The stage is set (blue moon mood)

Sweet blue moon thoughts
Carry me down the road
You hang so low in an infant sky
Silver orb plucked
From the cosmic moment
To stand alone
Your ovation nearly complete
As the lights rise on this stage
Morning sun stealing in
Capturing the audiences gaze
As if to say “Look at me”
In your Red-yellow gaze
Vibrant cabaret,
Thunderous applause in song
Crows caw breaks the stillness
Perhaps in protest of losing the cover
Of darkness.
Circle round day after day
Yet sold out today
As the glistening grass gleaming
And moisture silver fog
Hangs low in the air
A treat for the senses
As I keep moving through
On my way to now.

Thoughts this morning on my commute with sun behind me rising, moon hanging on trying not to slip away quite yet and the fog that comes and goes like these passing thoughts. Photo taken with iPad so sorry for the not so great quality. Peace at dawn. Blessings, K