Breaking free

Three days gone
Silence of the day greets me
Set loose from the cord
Airwave break away.
I listened to the world around me,
Trees with lush leaves telling secrets
As the stars stood at attention
Unfolding moments absorbed
At one with all that is.
Oh how simple to let go,
To turn off
To ground myself in the reality
Of natures call,
Answering to the song sung
And the tiny things that move
Unhindered by the larger world,
Daily business set aside
To become.
Sweet sunset greets my eyes
And I smile in salute
With a grand hello for this new day
And a sincere hello to those I’ve missed
When coming home after what seemed so long,
Three days gone
And I am refreshed
Renewed by the beauty
Surrounding me.
My cup is full and overflowing
As grasses blow in a cool damp breeze,
The sun so colorful
A happy color to remind me
Not to forget to stop and gaze on her beauty
And that of all the gentle blissful images
That hold me aloft
In this world.

I took a challenge from a book I have been reading to go “off the grid” for three days. I did not even open my iPad (no FB, no blogging, nothing), just simple paperback reading between moments, and I was amazed to find 264 emails waiting…oh my, such enjoyment to be outside in the woods, connecting with the peace and quiet. Day number four finds me back and energized. Hello my friends, I’ve missed you. K

Gifts of a day

Sweet days of summer
Sultry days of haze
Silver spun clouds hang
Simple moments spent.
This heart-shaped world moves
As eyes closed I float
Water buoys sun drenched skin
Slipping into daydreams.
The gifts of bounty fall
Heavy laden trees bear
Tiny green orbs resting
Hidden like a secret within.
Scented air of grass shorn low
Trees below sun leave shadow forms
Cooling a pocket of moisture
Earth below my feet I stand among
The simple grandeur
Of another day.
The shadows grow longer
Cicadas drone fills the air
Insect crescendo rising, falling
As twigs snap below my bare feet
And I am one
Under blue skies
In this heart filled moment.



On the threshold of a day
Glorious sun rises to find
A soul filled with joy
To be so alive.
Grateful to the gift
Of pure promises of happy
I sing to the morning
Amazing tunes of bliss.
I move through days
Feeling the air below my feet
As I rise to meet each challenge
Free in choice to be
Simply me.
I thank the skies
As daylight ends
For another treasure of this life
And as peace slips me under the cloak of sleep
I close my eyes and know
Another blessing tomorrow
Most surely will come pouring through
Finding me with open hands
And the universe will make it so.