Entering dark

Night sits patiently,
Creaking door moans with the thick of dampness
Sliding sideways
Crow call breaks the silence.
A thousand prickles felt on the scalp
Sleep sweat moist hair
Cooling in the pre-dawn breeze
Flashlight reflects back on hanging fog
The hounds stealthily creep about
Nose to ground on hunt
As eyes see everything that is nothing
When convoluted by the mist
Rising off of the ground.
Has summer taken her last breath I wonder
As cool nights leading to deepest slumber
And dreams not remembered hang waiting
For capture of the mind.
Slowly surfacing with each step
And the forms of crows waiting
As thoughts of Poe move me to startle so easily
As they circle round near to me
The breath slow and steady
A black feather gift at my feet
I pick it up and turn back
As the hounds follow sleepily
Into the sanctum of warmth
And the coffee that waits
Another day becomes
With the rising of the edge of the sun
The crow flies past with one last word
Beware the thoughts that drive one mad,
Fly forward to the light
Out of the darkness.