Be there

Plane flies across the night sky
Four am darkness covers this land
Green and red lights move across
White moon backdrop
On the way to somewhere.
Does anyone up there look out
The tiny oval glass in a row
Peering above as miles to go
To get to there?
Do they want to reach out
To touch the clouds and Sky?
They have become a piece of my view
As I gaze at the stars above
And lights pass by my sight
Disturbing the pristine view
As I was there in that moment
A part of it all.
Where are you going
Invisible souls above me
Perhaps sleeping or awake
Anxious to be home
Or in paradise lands far away
And I stand and watch it fade
Returning my gaze to my stars
Content to be here
Living this moment and smiling
Moving eagerly to begin another day
Where I shall dream through moments
With my head in the clouds
I will be there
Sky thought traveller
To the universe and back
With my feet on this ground
I will walk on air
Because I can.


16 thoughts on “Be there

  1. It’s all about the magic of life and finding other like minded souls by chance….a gift from the universe because life is awesome😊 have a sunshine, happy, awesome day Hayley😊 K


  2. What beautiful energy you have 🙂

    Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful blog by liking my post! I look forward to your future musings.

    Love, Light & Magic

    Hayley ❤

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  3. I love how you engage the varied aspects of the night. An unubstructed nighttime sky brings out completely different thoughts, insights and perspectives than the light of day!

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  4. That’s so beautiful. I really enjoyed it and at the same time I was a bit reflective after they have found part of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight and I couldn’t help but think about what they were thinking. I hope they were asleep dreaming and never woke up xx Rowena

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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