A romantic tryst with Morgan (week two)

The always beautiful Morgan and myself have been carrying on a sort of tryst these days, spreading romance and images of love. This week I supplied the photo and word Clandestine and Morgan was tasked with spinning her magic words to create a piece to accompany the artwork. I think she has a new calling in life. Stop by her site and check out her amazing work. http://booknvolume.com/



Awake amidst the Morning’s shimmer,
Glimmer Smiling upon your Skin,
Begin the day with Love Beguiling,
Smiling to know the quandary we’re in!
Beyond the Whispers, Silent as Prose,
Rose Red Morning lifts her Gaze,
Haze of Fire Softly Singing,
Bringing Mischief to these weary Days!
Oh My Love, Before you Leave me,
Be my All one Moment More,
Implore from me my Heart’s Desire,
Fire Kissing a Boundless Shore!
Clandestine Love, Immortal Treasure,
Amidst stolen Moments of Exquisite Pleasure!

Deliberate Plea


You come to me
Deliberate and gentle
In my weakest moment
You gather me close
Skin touching skin
Please, let us begin.
Passion fills the air around
Touch me now,
Don’t let me down
I am filled
My cup overflowing
You are all I desire,
With you my soul is on fire
As we are love-inspiring
Take me now,
One more time.


2 thoughts on “A romantic tryst with Morgan (week two)

  1. The first one at the top was Morgan’s piece, you’d have to ask her for permission for publication. We will be doing this every Monday for a bit, I supply pic and caption, she makes words, then my turn with a photo from her with caption, etc…..it’s a fun challenge😊


  2. I especially loved the first one. I was in a hurry so began essentially speed-reading it, but almost immediately hit the brakes. It was far to good to b read that fast. I started over, savoring every line. If I was compiling another poetry anthology I’d love for this to be in it. “Fire Kissing a Boundless Shore”, Bringing Mischief to these weary Days!” and the last two lines all especially caught my breath by their beauty, imagery, and power.

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