Simple morning thought

Under shadowed skies it comes to me
Simple light filtering through
Reaching to find the thoughts left behind
A morning rises to find me waiting.
This day of quiet broken by
A tree that falls in the near distance
And the abrupt call of an owl
That slices the air
Like a knife,
Life then moves past this second,
Resuming the pace of a beating heart
Steady in simplicity I walk.
These mornings of darkness come to greet
Eyes that struggle to see
Through shadows and shapes
I breathe in and out and relax
In these surroundings I find peace to start
This Monday moment
And you fill my thoughts and I wonder
Do you hear the quiet and peace
Hundreds of miles away
As you sip your coffee
And smile gently?
The simple thoughts,
The clarity of feeling whole
You are on my mind
And that fills my heart
With the simple magic
Of this, our life.


14 thoughts on “Simple morning thought

  1. I completely understand. The hardest thing (for me) is to trust that even the time that feels so wasted has some purpose. Discovering that purpose doesn’t feel like an adventure all too often. But you have your pleasant “today and tomorrows” to carry you through the questions and sense of futile waste as you process. Your experiences will undoubtedly resonate with many––as this post did with me, and many others.

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  2. I just feel like so much time needlessly wasted….making up for lost time as it’s never too late to be open and forgiving for things that were beyond my control. Life has certainly gotten more meaning and much brighter since😊


  3. Thinking of my Dad so far away….on my mind a lot these days. I know he is figuring out how to access my works and I just like him to know I’m thinking of him😊 I’m so glad you enjoyed it and thank you so very much. Peace and blessings, K

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  4. Ahhh you captured that early morning ethos expertly. I can feel it, smell it… and almost hear it.
    “Do you hear the quiet and peace
    Hundreds of miles away
    As you sip your coffee
    And smile gently.”
    Unspoken connections. Lovely.

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  5. It was such a peaceful morning, I love Mondays that start that way, especially after a not so great sleep😊 moving to the right side of the day😊


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