For the love of stars

A truth of life
For the love of the stars above
As meteors streak by
Wishing for a nightly show
To be amongst the streaking light
Falling over me.
For if I so loved the lights
I would be trading the darkness of night,
The magical place where dreams find me waiting
Walking with wolves in meadows
Running with abandon
Along a sandy shore
As the tides pulled by the moon
Sway in and out like a swing,
Yet so much more would be sacrificed
For the love of stars
Drawing me into the world
Of the magic of the universe
Would I abandon the realm
The nightly world of slumber that claims
The half of my heart
Between morning and midnight
And with the rising of the glorious sun
Would I remember the vision
The celestial forms
That hold me spellbound in their magnificence
If it was all about the moments
Of everyday life
Leaving me spent and weary
As I lay down to find
The comfort of friends as my eyes close
Would I trade it all
For the love of stars,
Ah the quandary of the question
That need not be answered
As a part of it all
The energy of a soul
Shining on like nights brightest light.

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