Beguiled-a compilation

The lovely Cynthia Morgan and I have continued our creative tryst and this week I was given as my prompt, this stunning and gorgeous piece of art which was painted by Mark Spain. How can a girl go wrong with a prompt like that? This is part three of our collaboration and please do stop by Cynthia’s site and get lost in the magic of her spectacular writing and images. She conjures the most amazing posts and I know you will enjoy. Below this weeks piece are the last two weeks compilations, in case you missed one. So without further ado, here is my written piece to accompany the lovely beauty seen here.


Eyes that smolder, drawing you in
the teasing smile like a sensual sin
she gazes through, lights your soul on fire
as your thoughts burn like a funeral pyre,
her skin so smooth, so silky light
and you want it so much, this lovely delight.
Her words capture you, a sweet southern drawl
on hands and knees you’d surely crawl
to touch this maidens soft pale skin
your fingers run down as you begin
to trace her back like a delicate dance
lost in the moment of this romance.
Beguiling words to quench your thirst
for lust and life she will come first
to weave her magic on a poor souls heart
you never want to be swept apart
this wild hearted woman with a wanton need
will claim your soul, on this she’ll feed
and take you to the dream you crave
for her you’d be her beckoned slave.
She is the master of such desire
a sultry mistress you’ll never tire
as she leads you to her chamber door,
Oh God, you think…I must have more.

Awake amidst the Morning’s shimmer,
Glimmer Smiling upon your Skin,
Begin the day with Love Beguiling,
Smiling to know the quandary we’re in!
Beyond the Whispers, Silent as Prose,
Rose Red Morning lifts her Gaze,
Haze of Fire Softly Singing,
Bringing Mischief to these weary Days!
Oh My Love, Before you Leave me,
Be my All one Moment More,
Implore from me my Heart’s Desire,
Fire Kissing a Boundless Shore!
Clandestine Love, Immortal Treasure,
Amidst stolen Moments of Exquisite Pleasure!
Deliberate Plea

You come to me
Deliberate and gentle
In my weakest moment
You gather me close
Skin touching skin
Please, let us begin.
Passion fills the air around
Touch me now,
Don’t let me down
I am filled
My cup overflowing
You are all I desire,
With you my soul is on fire
As we are love-inspiring
Take me now,
One more time.

Black water

You move through in darkness
A thought trickling through
Flash flood of memory
Sweeping away
Each yesterday lost.
Black waters running deep
Washing me away in a state
Of floating on waves
Of imagination.
What lies below unseen
Words and pieces
Sentences fragmented by a second
Of fractions divided
Then formed as whole
As images collide filling the senses
With the spectacle and awe
Of a perfect ripple
Moving from the center source
To the edges of the banks
Where grasses blow silently
Harboring the life below
Unseen yet there
As the black waters keep moving
Out to the endless sea.
Day or night you flow
Like a dream set adrift
Caught on the precipice
Of sleeping and awake
Swimming below the stars
To sink in the depths of darkness
Yet Saved by the lightness of being.