Black water

You move through in darkness
A thought trickling through
Flash flood of memory
Sweeping away
Each yesterday lost.
Black waters running deep
Washing me away in a state
Of floating on waves
Of imagination.
What lies below unseen
Words and pieces
Sentences fragmented by a second
Of fractions divided
Then formed as whole
As images collide filling the senses
With the spectacle and awe
Of a perfect ripple
Moving from the center source
To the edges of the banks
Where grasses blow silently
Harboring the life below
Unseen yet there
As the black waters keep moving
Out to the endless sea.
Day or night you flow
Like a dream set adrift
Caught on the precipice
Of sleeping and awake
Swimming below the stars
To sink in the depths of darkness
Yet Saved by the lightness of being.


5 thoughts on “Black water

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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