Clouded perception

Thoughts run in circular form
As the distant music plays
Stanzas filled, created by memories
And the stars above hold the dreamers
Rapture in the gaze
Through the clouded haze
Along the Milky Way.
The perception of a place,
A face
The taste of sweetness of a honeyed kiss
And the insects flutter unnoticed
Until drawing attention they land
Sweet butterfly wings
Open and close
Testing the surface
Searching tentatively for
the nectar of life.
And Into the air caught on a tide
As the pressure moves through
And the humid cloud fills the senses
Approaching rain in the distance
And we sit below the skies
counting stars like wishes
Waiting for something
Or perhaps nothing
Thoughts of separate minds move
On roads and paths of life
And the perfect times
That make up the evening
Of simplicity.