Pink cast skies above me
Seeing the world through rain drops
Window gazer of calming before
The coming storm.
Brown rabbit frolics
Chasing a friend
White tails disappear into green grasses
And I breathe in the scent
Of concrete and dampness
As earth moves lifting me
Energy builds from the depths
Of an emptiness.
Reclaim the senses
Treasure map of what the day shall bestow
On a mind-set in stone
Coming back round to reclaim
The lost peace.
A thousand pounds this body feels
Dragging with a tired apathy
To the bottom of the thought
Let the storm wash over
Cleansing the images
Alone to stand tall
Above the dire circumstance
This too shall pass.
Waves of the ride
Motion up and down
And the rocks rise up to greet
With their sharp jagged edges
That I will catch the form
Of glistening movement to the swell
Over it all and closer to shore
And as the sun shines so will the warmth
Of belief in self
And all that will be
As grace and blessings fill the heart
I will emerge to walk
The path of peace.