Everyday moments

Lovely blooms dress the summer life
Skies blow chilled winds
Feeling like Fall
I sit quietly embracing
Everyday moments.
Cat comes to call
Unimpressed by my pretty flower mess
Too large for vases
A thermal cooler to hold
The towering petals heavy with life.
I smell the air
Smoke from a distant fire fills
My thoughts with memories of other days
Other fur friends now gone
And the blessings of nature abound.
Sweet days move too quickly
And as days grow longer
I only long to make them stop,
Stay awhile longer here
Living these seconds of now.
And then a lovely moment of laughter of a dog ass photobomb.


28 thoughts on “Everyday moments

  1. Thanks….when she’s not attacking me….pulled out the bedroom screen this am wanting in…except window was closed😃 now she’s in sleeping on my clothes😊 silly smokey.

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  2. Thanks a lot:) I enjoyed your blog as well. That does sound blissful I have sunflowers that grow in my front garden, they just kinda appeared outta nowhere and now they come around every year. My neighbour has these chickens as well and I have this huge apple/blossom tree in my garden that attracts all kinds of wildlife, I live in the inner city as well so it creates this amazingly weird tranquil atmosphere with things like traffic, helicopters, locals alongside it 🙂

    Your layout is great.


  3. Amen grey cat…she tried to bite me yesterday…after she wanted to be petted….finicky thing….her name is Smokey….isn’t that a strange girls name?


  4. I think the current version (with the doggy) looks a bit like modern art–exaggerated cat/miniscule dog–with invasive cat towering over everything! Delete is indeed a wonderful invention.

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