Empty thought

What brings round thought
A simple object etched in silver
Half full or empty
Perhaps even overflowing,
Spilling out of my mind
Antique pieces of yesterday.
Cradled in the artists hand
Flowers and insects grow
With each movement created from an emptiness
That borne a thought
Of splendor.
These pieces lose me in wonder
The magic of the mind who made
Each metal piece that sits untouched
Empty of the soul of water
Too precious to use
Forgotten on a shelf
Gazed upon but thought impractical
For the cost of an object
That will remain like history
Fading and dusty
Its intended function now lost
Enclosed in glass perhaps
Later to be wondered at
By an inquiring mind.

I’ve always loved old metal pitchers and glasses…antique stores a favorite pastime to look in wonder at the craftsmanship of yesterday. I never buy of course but often find myself wondering at the person who took their time and sweat to create such beauty. How out of a piece of metal, such detail is born.

14 thoughts on “Empty thought

  1. Thanks Michael, yes I found those pieces so beautiful. Pieces of history still alive with soul…I love your comments, they are always so beautiful and inspiring and a great way to enjoy my morning coffee while I ponder my thoughts for the day😊 thank you my friend😊 K

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  2. It is indeed amazing to see the time spent by people in creating beauty. I like to imagine that we can’t find a period in history where at least a few people were not making it their life’s work to create beauty– even if at great risk, even after a day of difficult toil… Without the beauty, the rest of it doesn’t make sense… Isn’t that a little of how we write, even after a long day…? Because we need the moment of contact with something deep and true…


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  3. I, too marvel at these antiques. I wonder what goes on in the craftsmens’ minds while making such precious items.
    Awesome poem!
    Please do check out my blog as well!

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  4. True, now a lot is mass produced…no soul to it. When you hold a true old piece I think you can feel life in it. I love antique shops for this fact. The smells and energy😊 makes for a blissful experience. Thank you my friend😊

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  5. I use to have an antique shop years ago and use to marvel at the craftsmanship of glass, metal, in fact all of it. Not so long ago it seemed people took much more pride and effort in creating everyday things like drinking glasses and pitchers.

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  6. Yes, was it a gift for a special occasion? Workmanship like that is a wonder, maybe a lemonade🍋? Having conversations on life? Always questions are left behind as history unfolds before our eyes😊

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  7. And I also think of the people who’ve used it. What drinks did they pour out of this? Who was there? Were they having tea? Commenting on family and friends?

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