Tripping on stars

Dreams cascade like mountain streams
Filling air with chilling breath
Beneath the cotton of layers
Shade blows back and forth
Nights kiss on whispering wind.
Sentences uttered from a nameless face
Over fences stretching across borders
Looking the same from over there to here
Clouds divide the stars above
Tripping over thoughts
Once more to pick up
Gathering together and leaving behind
The few lost into the earth.
Connected dots of cosmic illusions
The dipper overflowing with rain
Not so Sirius after all
As my mind searches the darkness
Waiting on the moon that slipped away
When I wasn’t watching,
And the puddles catch my jeans
Rising higher too late now
To turn back and change
If only to do it all over again
The repetition of days
Lived by the sane who keep moving
Feet on the ground and a head in the sky
Following red lights to jungles
Concrete walls to soon close in,
Time to enter.
When the lights come up
Life is lived
Time to go….
Yet it’s much better to just sit for a minute more
Here with you
Waiting for the sun
On this dark rainy morn.

I don’t want to go to work…..don’t wanna…..yeah, one of those days. Sigh. K💜

Words broken and a walnut heart

I watched the mist like falling rain
As images of broken glass trickled through
This mind relaxed
And adrift in the spaces within
Where the tales grow rich
Like fields of flowers that just become
From nowhere
Rising up to be.
I floated there for a spell
Hearing a voice of a sage weaving words
That I suddenly could not grasp,
That I could not hold for fear
Of sentences slipping away
Without a song to call its own.
I saw a perfect tree nut,
Hanging alone with strings of black
Stirred by the wind it fell to the ground below
Finding itself cracked Into two,
A heart severed from the other
Shapes and places no longer resembling
The microcosm of which it grew
A reflection of itself
From one piece to another
This walnut held in a hand
Nestled in its woody home safe.
The tortured sky shattered in a thousand pieces
As bits of light came upon me
Set free from the sun,
No two alike yet
Mirrored pieces, each shard jagged and unique
Looking within to see
The same face staring back at me
And I thought of you then,
Your voice soft from beyond,
To hear your stories woven
From the fragile mind so whole
That reaches out into darkness
To gather like twigs a nest to lie upon,
A book of miracles and days filled
With pieces of you,
Each word filled in images
The colors of moons and the sound of silence
Where I heard your hymn
On a sparrows wing
Filled with the childlike laughter
And this nut fell to the ground
As a gift to the creatures
Sitting high watching the world below,
And I walked the path through these woods
Soft bed of moss to quiet
The quest of this searching soul.
Photo sent after reading this post by Dad.

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Chasing the moon

Night orb moves through
Calling me from this restless sleep
As somewhere
Out there he moves in the darkness
Chasing the moon.
I stand beyond the glass
Haze of pink nestles the form
So far away
Yet so close.
Changes taking place
In thoughts and words and
Butterfly houses empty
Waiting to be filled
With the joy of sun,
As she will come to wash away
With morning rain the silence
Of a midnight moment
Where the waiting happens
For the magic to begin.
Thoughts race to the emptiness
Of the night sky lit
By a beautiful moment
She wonders if she will remember
Another day and place
Similar to this one
As the journey propels the body
Her soul flies free for but a moment
In that space in time
Where life is eclipsed by truth
And she has returned to find
The family she left behind
Searching for
Her new day
In the emptiness between sentences
And the images
That time cannot forget.
The sweetness of history reborn
Dancing amongst Luna’s beams
Alone yet not so
For her thoughts occupied with the music
In the symphony of now.

Beautiful image captured by my father.