Gazing girls

Beautiful girls watch
Focus on the sky
Loyal eyes so deep
Precious moments captured.
Beyond, the woods so thick
Alert you stand, staring out.
What do you see my friend
As nose fills with scent
I can’t comprehend.
Rolling and playing
To swim and jump as only you can
Your life day after day
Walking through tree-lined paths
Hurdling branches downed in chase
Of laughing chipmunks
And you wag so happily
At a treat or two or three
Plump round tomatoes you throw about
Greedily gulping it down
Then more those eyes seem to ask
Please, just one more
But the sun sinks quietly
In this peaceful place
And running feet race round
Just a bit slower
Tired from the play
And the time to go
With the remains of the day
Curled on couch eyes slowly close
Ready to dream
Of chases yet to come
On summer days that pass too soon
Tomorrow will come finding that smile
Waiting at the door
The new day
To explore.

Beautiful photos of our lovely hounds taken by my Dad on his last visit. Pretty Apple and Chi….supermodel dogs for sure.