Silver rippled mood

Moisture hangs on midnight air
Sweat dampened skin glistens
Thoughts drift back to damp beach nights
Heavy with the warmth
Of the noon-day sun left behind.
Words calm the mind
In to the silence of late summer nights
Stand and gaze at the emptiness beyond
So full of something not quite discernible
Motion undetected by tired eyes.
Thoughts linger on the moon above
Silver cast of water rippling
Outward to return again
Ebb and flow of the universe.
Traces of peace glide across my thoughtscape
Visions of faces unknown
And the simplicity of words written
That carry the weight through to touch
The soul of the intruder
On this dark night foray
Into self.
Breath moves quietly in and out
Fog rising in air weighs down
The body longing to rest
Replete with understanding
Of this moment in time
And paths will be illuminated
With the coming of dawn
Contrasted between dark and light
And the glory of all
That rests in between.

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7 thoughts on “Silver rippled mood

  1. Just never enough time to live in the dream bubble of bliss….or to sleep in….ha, okay, that’s how I feel this am…could have laid there listening to the night sounds all morning😊 thanks Michael😊

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  2. Loved the sun and moon sharing the sky, and the traces of peace drifting through. So many moments ripen on the vine of our awareness, then are blown away… There’s an endless supply of beauty just waiting for us to attend to it…


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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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