Miracles found (in trap doors)

I felt the pull as the air left my lungs
floating in space knowing
I’ve been here before and will be again
and with each word I felt with my heart
the attachment to the stars
and a red dragonfly bounced beside me
taunting perhaps
or understanding in a way
only dragonflies can
and the distraction pulled me back
to the moment that is now
and the way the humid air felt
surrounding me as the heat of the day rose
and cascaded over me
lulling me into a peace
as my fingers moved
trying to capture the feeling
of floating
and drowning
and being caught somewhere in between
the miracle of what was occurring
but feeling unable suddenly
to touch the exact words needed
to show you
the image
of the truth of all I felt
the feeling
of being one
with it all.

I just started ready an amazing book and had to take a break for a moment as I just felt as if my soul, my thoughts, were suddenly escalating down into the trap door of knowledge that I needed to say something, anything and when I tried I could not grasp completely that which I wanted to say and being at a loss looked up to see the red dragonfly hovering and knew that it too was just being and it let go and flitted off and here I am. More to come….but thank you friend for words that truly are inspiring.


8 thoughts on “Miracles found (in trap doors)

  1. I am reading an amazing book by a fellow blogger and was just so in awe I had to stop and it was like I was in this realm of amazingness and the dragonfly so bright red and as if sent from somewhere to make me stop and just appreciate the beauty of the moment. It was beautiful. Thanks Gia, enjoying your pieces too. playing catch up with the labor day weekend…another reason to appreciate the times we take to stop and absorb. 🙂

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  2. “…the feeling of being one with it all…” – I still remember the first time that happened to me and it felt really really special. Nice poem and I do like the picture too 😉

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  3. I have about ten more pages in your book to read. I laugh, I cry and I see myself so often in the words it’s scary. So many special strange occurrences happening and it makes me just smile at the quirky awesomeness that is his world. Ten pages left….I don’t want it to end so I am taking deliberate time to savor the words and flow. It is amazing the way your words have the ability to change the course of a soul. On the journey with each sentence, being there…wow. Peace and blessings, Kim

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  4. I loved this Kim, right from the start (even before I made the connection). I love those moments that ambush us– when suddenly we’re weightless in the space of our own hearts, remembering…


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  5. Was sent a book from a fellow blogger and I’m like WOW….and a little red dragon fly kept hovering over my shoulder….like signs of greater things….I’m still giggling in joy😊 the universe works in fun and mysterious ways.

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