Broke down daze (supermarket savior)

Heat rises in waves
Crumbled black pavement oasis
Windows rolled down
Newspaper blocking
White legs
From the kiss of the sun
Machinery rolled back
Like the prices within
Nestled in the open corral
And time ticks by so slowly
Like a droning fly that touches down
On hot surface
And meat sits on floors
Shaded by
A dashboard.
The chariots go by
Endless parade
Nameless faces zooming
In and out eager to spend
The green paper or plastic
No questions asked
Doors open
Then close to hold
The coolness within.
He comes then
White haired supermarket savior
Red can of liquid gold to quench
The thirst of the beast
With a smile and kindness
That exudes from sun dampened pores
And as the sun glints off glasses
I smile
Content to spend the day
Here watching the comings and goings
Of typical people
Under a noonday sun
Paced a little slower
Watching summer unwind
In a parking lot beneath blue skies
And cameras that watch
With eyes behind walls
And the roar of the machine coming to life
And the wind blowing through windows to cool
This parched tired soul
With the blessing
Of going home.

Thoughts on sitting in the car at Wal-Mart on one of those too had days to be doing so, waiting for my step Dad the Reverend, come with a gas can to see if the magic elixir will do the trick. It did😇. Thanks G, you are awesome.😇 a bit too hot at 87 degrees baking…but the steaks were good….rescued in time.


15 thoughts on “Broke down daze (supermarket savior)

  1. Oh my Kim! What a difficult day.
    But like Laine, only you could make it sound not so bad.
    Beautiful imagery and words.
    Glad you made it home to enjoy those steaks you labored to save!

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  2. Ah, the cold of the Canadian tundra….many a soul perished…or perhaps wish they did after a long winter….doesn’t that start in September, eh? Just kidding. The Rev saved the day…am always happy to see him but even more so that day 🙂


  3. Cars are from Mars… You never know when they’ll start or stop, there’s so much that can go wrong. How much more so our bodies? Excellent blogging here! It really made me feel like I was melting in the sun, waiting for a Reverand to come along. I’ll be so glad when I freeze to death! Greetings and felicitations :O)

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  4. I was just too excited when the Rev showed up….I laughed and called him a savior….he chuckled…..but I’m glad they live close by. Went to the gas station and got a big bottle of water….made it home with no other issues😊

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  5. I was calm when stuck there with the hubby…I had more concern with the dog at home that had gotten stung twice by a bee….was worried about them and the steak on her floor by my feet…trying to keep it out of he sun. I adore John Denver….and I love that song. I was just thankful I wasn’t there all day as it is a forty minute drive from our house….and it was hot….


  6. Thanks B, a nice holiday except being stuck in a parking lot in the sweltering heat😊☀️ pup got stung twice by a bee…once in the eye lid….poor thing. Benadryl worked good though. A house showing tonight, cross your fingers for us😊


  7. Great verse. I particularly like the imagery you have been able to create.

    I loved those closing lines:

    “This parched tired soul
    With the blessing
    Of going home.”

    It reminded me of that John Denver classic, ” Country Roads, Take me home… To the place I belong…” What were you reminded of?


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  8. It felt like it…felt like a little lobster in a steamy blacktop pot…..but, gotta get used to the heat and humidity for when we move……I do adore air conditioning though…..😊☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️💦

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