Morning life

Marmalade meeting
Spreading softly across skies
Good morning sunshine.

Coming to order
Present and accounted for
Let us begin now.

Red haze rising gently
Blackboard slate wiped clean of stars
Night shift watchman departs
Slipping out of view
Clouds part for the coming of the moment
Tinged with a raspberry hue
She enters in her glory
Warmth filling the atmosphere
Of all she encounters
On her way through halls of forests
She reaches out to gently touch
The dew of a leaf
Fallen too soon
And wipes it like a tissue
Dried with love.

With rapt attention
I listen to her silent
Concert of wisdom.

Daytime lullaby
Peace flows through the quiet soul
Adrift in this bliss.

Blue clouded thoughts gather in awe
Dotting the place where she will rise
To begin her stroll
Her beam cast out on the mortals below,
Etching the parade path they stand
Waiting on the Queen.
I take a bow in joy
Smiling at the whisper of recognition
She seems to wink at me from behind
Her fan of tree top admirers
I blush and bow
In reverence of all she gives.

Who does not love her
Orange orb of life divine,
May I have this dance?

I had visions this morning walking through the darkness under a pristine blanket of stars, how lovely the sun would be, like thick marmalade jam spread on the toast of the horizon. The breakfast of dreamers.
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10 thoughts on “Morning life

  1. It’s funny as I’m not a big fan of marmalade…yet the sun spoke to me of rich jam colors spread across the sky. I went with it😊 but had to grow my fave raspberry in for,good measure. Peace and blessings, K😊


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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