Enter lightly

Thoughts move snail-like
Across the parched fields
Shimmering particles flow
Blows the wild wind
Sinking in the depths
Of mornings unexpected dose
The reality of life
Shifting into quicksand seconds
Lost in the depths
Clawing for release.
Where is the rope left carelessly behind
The fibers twined tight
Anchoring the weight
Of the silent scream
Below the surface
No relief.
Eyes close in submission
Aching for a moment’s peace
A plea to the stars forgotten
Too busy cleaning cosmic dust
In buckets of sand lost
From the hourglass broken
Standing still again
Unmarked passing
Of a mirage of normalcy.

Just one of those days…….


8 thoughts on “Enter lightly

  1. Thanks Gretel, have been enjoying your masterpieces too I should say…been a busy week and I haven’t had time to comment much but am reading almost daily between meetings and life’s little happenings😊 thank you truly and have an amazing day😊 Kim


  2. Always, reminders are good, keeps us in check and to not take things too seriously….😊 I too need that kick every one and then😊 thanks Marie .


  3. Thanks my friend…trying to use more of it so as to not rely too much on a photo…it was a rough start to my day….sick dog, low tire…..but we had another showing at 7:30 last night…hoping for good news and I know with you cheering us on, it will all be good. Have a great day, K😊

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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